You asked, we answered. One seamless loyalty program between your app orders and in-store orders. 


Starting January 11, we will be launching a new and awesome rewards program that benefits you! When you order online, in the app or in the store, all your rewards will go into one magical place. There’s nothing you need to do except keep enjoying your South Block fix. 


Our goal is for you to always have an outstanding experience… with the switch to our new program comes a couple of changes. The most important one being that on January 11 your APP rewards will start on a clean slate. 


What does this mean for you? Between now and January 10, you will need to use any current rewards you have in your app account. Once your app is updated, please double check the rewards page to make sure you are receiving your rewards. 

Have any questions or concerns? Email us at goodvibes@southblockjuice.com